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The process of building your own home can be a fun, exciting and possibly a slightly daunting journey. At Eaton Self Build Homes our aim is to help you achieve your dreams by working with you to design the ideal home for your families needs and budget. We will help you get the most out of your budget through clever design whilst helping you to avoid the potential pit falls often associated with a self-build project. We are experts in determining whether a project is likely to gain planning permission or not, and can project manage the building of your self build home from inception to completion.

Timber Frame Self Build Homes

We specialise in timber frame self build homes and offer a service whereby we have designed and priced the construction of the various elements of a building, to enable you to put together a budget for the home of your dreams. This process will ensure that your designs are cost effective to build, yet are flexible, so they can reflect your personality and your family’s needs. By using our template designs, your self build home is more likely to appeal to the design criteria preferred by the planning authorities across Devon and South West England since we have based our designs on similar approved plans in the recent past.

Finding Land for your Self Build Home

Often the hardest part of a self build home project is finding the land to build on. The government are actively pursuing as many ways as possible to increase the number of new houses to cater for our ever increasing population. This puts the self builder at a comparative advantage in gaining planning permission compared to years gone by. At Eaton Self Build Homes we offer a planning service where we can help you assess the likelihood of gaining planning permission for your plot.

Designing your own Self Build Home

Once you have obtained your plot, and understood how likely it is to gain planning permission for your self build home, we will work together with you to flesh out the designs. Our design team can assemble the design of the self build house that appeals to you most; A bungalow? A barn conversion? A chalet bungalow or 2 storey house? Would you like a rectangular shaped house? An ‘L’ Shape? A ‘T’ Shape? If you have a nice view, would you like the living area to be on the top floor with bedrooms underneath? Would you like a balcony? Do you need a spare living room for the children to grow up in? Do you work from home and need a study? Is the kitchen the heart and sole of your family home? In which case it needs to be comfortable enough to spend most of your time in. Would you like to look up at the stars through a roof window when lying in the bath. We have built a wide range of homes over the years and know how to get the best balance with modern living yet to a realistic budget.

Gaining Planning Permission for your Self Build Home

Eaton Self Build homes provide a service to help present your case in order for your design to be looked upon favourably by the planning authorities in Devon and South West England. We have worked with the planners for many years and understand the issues that they are looking to achieve, and the guidelines they are meant to follow. By working with our planning consultants to gain planning permission for your self build home, you will stand the best possible chance of success in gaining planning permission for your project.

Building your Self Build Home

At Eaton Self Build Homes, we have a wealth of experience in building new homes. We have three sister companies whose area of operation covers Devon and the South West of England; Eaton Carpentry, specialising in sub contracted first and second fix carpentry work, Eaton Building, experts in the renovation and alteration of existing properties, and Eaton Construction which take on larger public sector works. Each project we undertake is run on site by our own foremen, who ensure that the on site activities run as effectively as the project management team has planned. This reduces the possibility of down time and the project overrunning. The ultimate test of a good contractor is the quality of their finish and the testimonials of the recent clients.